Web Design Packages

Basic Standard Business Portal
Up to 3 Pages Up to 5 Pages Up to 12 Pages Unlimited Pages
No Enquiry Form Enquirty / Feedback Form Enquirty / Feedback Form Enquirty / Feedback Form
2 Months Support 6 Months Support 6 Months Support 6 Months Support
Linux / Window Hosting Linux / Window Hosting Linux / Window Hosting Linux / Window Hosting
1 Email Account 5 Email Account 10 Email Account Unlimited Emails
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SEO Packages

Boosts Starter Professional Heroic Untimate Elite
Price $189 $379 $689 $899 $1379
Optimized Keywords 3 10 15 300 25
High Page Rank Links 50 100 200 300 500
Directory Submission 50 100 200 300 500
Article Submission 50 100 200 400 500
Blog Posting 100 200 300 100 600
Classfied Ad Posting 25 50 50 100 200
Press Release 10 25 25 400 200


Website Design

Website Design or Web Designing is a term that denotes the designing of a website. This includes the design of the website in the initial stage; the initial stage designing deals with page layouts and web element organizing. Web designing clearly stands out of the mainstream Web Development, web development is developing a website that mainly deals with the functions of the website. But web designing deals with the user experience and the user interaction. Web designing has two things that are User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), where the UI is done first and then follows the UI. The design of the webpage or the overall site is different from each other. Generally, there needs to be uniformity between the both. The User Experience makes sure it has met the goals and objective, whereas the User Interface deals with the emotions of the user.

These tasks are accomplished with core development, but nowadays there are many tools available in the market where people can use it in order to design the website. The designing is done in many ways, the first is the core way where the design is done in the core way that is using the software codes and scripts, like HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). The HTML is used to build the raw elements in the website, for example, HTML is used to create a button, whereas the CSS is used to design the same button by giving special attributes like providing colors for the element and also to resize the button. Along with this, the button can be added with transitions and animations. This is the prominent activity that every web designer do in order to allure the customers and also to make them engage and be part of the business.

Web Development

In contrast to Web Designing, Web Development is the development of the website rather than just designing it, in other words, web designing is all about decorating the website and web development is building the website. This makes a drastic difference between the web designing and web development. And one of the important statistics is that the website and web development is at the peak now. And kudos to the people who prefer digital methods than manual methods, this leads to a drastic hike in the web users all over the world. One of the major added advantages of the web development is the integrity that provides.

Web development is a mainstream software development that deals with the development of the websites that are used on the World Wide Web. Web sites are used to promote the business mainly, but actually, they are a physical space that is present on the internet. It can be used to array the information for anything; nowadays websites play a vital role in the market as it includes a lot of facilities to the users. This is a pretty broad stream that is at the peak as many of the businesses are moving towards digitalization and also the internet due to its speed and efficiency. And the functionality parts of the websites are developed under this stream, for example, user authentication and payment gateways.

Due to the e-commerce, there is a huge demand for websites and web applications and due to the advent of the applet programming in the Java programming language, the web applications are in the market as a complete solution for the users. This helps the users to make avail of the things that were in demand a few days ago. Web applications and web services are one of the highest sought software applications among the other products, and they are easy to maintain for a long time.


Logo Design

Logo design is a process of designing the logos for businesses and sometimes for also brands. Logos are used to distinguish the brands from other makes and brands and also to create a personal touch to the customers. Logos designs are the one that is used to create a separate brand for the product or the company itself. This comes under Graphic Designing; here the designers are indulged in the activity of designing logos for the brands and corporate bodies. Due to its uniqueness and own identification, logo designing is considered as a creative work. The designers often work in tools and create templates in order to ease up the workload.

Generally, a log of the company represents the company’s nature, idea, vision, and values for their and society’s future. The objective of the logo of a company or an organization is to create an impression that lasts forever among the people about the company and its value. This helps the people to relate the company’s quality and its value through the logo of the company. A unique design of the logo plays a vital role in the development of the company or the organization’s brand image as it is one of the vital things in building the company’s image among the customers.

In contrast to other designers are designing techniques, logo designing doesn’t have to be a masterpiece but it needs to be catchy and the same way unique too. There are many people judge a company by its logo and the logo by the elements that are made to form a design. Many of the designs tend to be unique and adaptable, in case if the company is looking to make a change in the products and also in the types of services it needs to be easily adaptable. The prominent reason for this is, it is hard to earn trust and reputation among the customers once the image has gone and it will be a hectic way to gain it back.

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