SEO trends and techniques for 2016

SEO process changes every year with latest algorithms from Google. 2016 has also seen various changes and the important SEO factors to remember this year are:

Data usage

Usage data is a factor that tells what people do when they are on your website and dwell time, how much time they navigate through your website will be taken into account. Google is considering website as a whole and is not taking every single page separately for indexing.

Mobile friendly

In an era where more people tend to use smart phones for search, Google ranks mobile friendly sites better than other sites. Following is the data to show the importance of mobile:

·      43 percent increase in phones year after year

·      4 out of 5 consumers use smart phones for shopping

·      Global mobile traffic accounts for 15 percent of internet traffic

 So it is important that you optimize your site mobile friendly.


The content on your website should reach the customer and should cater their needs. Google measures this using Readability score. Remember content is always the king. Social media content will be indexed in Google, collect and use social content for optimizing your pages.

Voice searches

With better voice analysis technology users prefer to ask their device rather than type them. So it is important that long-tail conversational keywords should be recognized and used. They are different from conventional keywords which are typed and make sure your content is easily searchable through voice. Dominos pizza has a voice ordering feature.

There is more depth to SEO process but these are some of the important things to remember.


SEO path in the next 10 years

Search engine optimization is an ever changing process with search engines altering their algorithms continuously. One cannot ascertain but a vague prediction about the path the technology may take shape. Here are few predictions that will take place in the path of search engines and their optimization.

Niche search engines for specific topics

At present certain countries like Korea and China have developed their own local search engines. Users feel more comfortable with them over Google as the results are more country specific and relatable to the users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Today more number of users prefers their mobiles for internet usage over other devices. Therefore AMP technology which will make loading mobile web pages and this faster will play a significant role. It is a stripped down version of HTML. Currently the tech is being developed as open source project by Google.

SEO will be marketing

Marketing will become producing quality content interactive apps videos and images and also appealing to new audiences like machines (IoT).

Irrelevant links

Irrelevant Guest blogging and spammed links will be obsolete have no place in the future.

Artificial intelligence will take over search engines and will return more meaningful results. Rankbrain algorithm already helps Google by correlating words in a search query and it tries to mimic human behavior.

Google Assistant

Google assistant comes to the forefront; you can ask and get an answer. It is conversational search with Equava Design Agency. So the concept of keywords will also become very wide and verbal words will become dominant.


SEO data analysis

Analyzing your SEO data accurately is essential for paving out a clear future path. There is so much of data available at our dispense, we mostly end up misunderstanding them. Some of the common ways where we go wrong are:


You have an increase in clicks but what has caused this is not clearly attributed. Some choose first click and some choose the last click and others have complex model which partially attributes to various factors.

Channel classification:

Your SEO number on rise but is it because of the paid search or organic search. The channel through which it is obtained should be classified appropriately.

Site search:

Tracking on-site search is essential to know what your customers are looking in your sight and creating content accordingly.


Inconsistent tagging is the common mistake that occurs. Tracking code is not attached to new page templates or a new page template is created and the developer fails to add in the tracking code.


Goals for conversion, it may be anything from downloading a broucher to signing up a news letter on website design los angeles. Make sure what you want to gain and calculate accordingly.

Bot and internal traffic

Exclude bots from your search metrics most analytics have the option to do so you just need to enable it.  

Analytics version control

Adapt to new versions for better updated results and older versions may give you inaccurate results.

Make sure you have proper data collection tools and conduct routine audits with your analytics team